The City Stained Red - Sam Sykes
This trilogy was my first foray into Sam Sykes' work and it was creative, endearing, playful, bloody, dark and snarky...all at once.

Fabulous world building and fascinating creatures, similar to D&D worlds, but unique enough. The characters are a band of adventurers from a previous series (which I haven't read because it's not on Audible) who come to the city of Cier'Djaal, a pit of human malevolence, plagued with violence, xenophobia, and greed. They come to claim coin for an adventure but get pulled into the city's moral destruction and war.

The characters are complex and as different as they could be. When they get to Cier'Djaal, they essentially split the party and go their own ways. This aspect of the story gave the reader several different subplots and storylines, but their lack of camaraderie after spending years on the road together felt a little strange.

Sykes is a fun writer, who can tell a serious story in the least serious way and deliver both the emotional undertones while keeping you laughing and rooting for each broken member of the broken party. Complex, dimensional characters and tons of unique aspects to a familiar D&D like genre world.