Best Laid Plans - D.P. Prior
Review for Shader: Against the Unweaving Trilogy (1-3)

1- four stars
2-four stars
3-three stars

I have almost all of D.P Prior's books and a while back I dropped him a message and asked for his suggested reading order for his works. He suggested starting with Shader, so that's what I did. Now, I wish I had started with the Nameless Dwarf series. I'll tackle that one next then come back and read Shader #4.

This was a difficult rating to apply because Prior is an excellent Epic Fantasy writer and I love the intermingling of science, references to modern day tech and implications across multiple worlds. The series is really solid with the exception of some character flaws and failure of the author to make them endearing enough to have their flaws just be part of their character development toward the end of the trilogy.

**Mild Spoilers**

The writing is wonderful. The storyline robust and intriguing, though I found myself struggling with world-building elements that weren't explained. Perhaps they are covered in the previous works, perhaps that's his style. The characters are also complex and endearing, with the exception that they are very, very flawed. I feel Prior could do a better job making them unlikable, and yet likable by giving a little more attention to their complexity. So, you're kinda left with bad feelings toward Rhiannon and Shader. He's so confused that he just stands slack-jawed at crucial moments. And Rhiannon is just mean and whiney. The constant bickering between Rhiannon and Shadrak really got on my nerves and Shader was wussy for a hero. Would have loved to have more of Elias, too.

I will read the rest of his works to see how they play out. I find the storyline fascinating and look forward to learning more of Nameless' past.