Crossed Blades - Kelly McCullough
I picked up this series a while ago and am really glad I finally dug into it. I'd classify it as one of those fast and fun reads. This review is for the series (I'm done with the first 3 books at this time.)
I don't outline the plot or introduce any characters in my reviews as a rule since so many people do, so if you're looking for that info, keep scanning the reviews. I will tell you how I classify the book and what I thought about the story.
The story line is solid enough, though I wish there were more background offered up front. There isn't a lot of world building, and you learn the magic "rules" as the story unfolds. I will say that I really like the main character and his bonded shadow familiar and find their relationship touching. He's definitely one of those perfectly imperfect characters, with the skills of an assassin with a kind heart and a drive for honor, justice and integrity.
The magic and magic beings he encounters are interesting, but there's more focus on the characters and their personalities, rather than the type of beings they are and what they can do or where they are from.
What I do really like, is Aral and Triss. I like them as characters and the stories are interesting and engaging. I rate them between a 3-4 because I really do enjoy the stories, but they aren't phenomenal or really stand out. I do recommend them for people who like the Iron Druid and sequences like that.