Golden Son - Pierce Brown
I'm a little late to the party in reading this series. It's been on my TBR list for a while. I'm going to review all three together, but will avoid spoilers. This is a wonderful series. At first I classified it as YA, but it's really New Adult or a Crossover genre with adult. I also think it will appeal to sci-fi and fantasy fans because, while it's in the future and based mostly on Mars, the society is very much based on the ancient Greek culture with influences of epic fantasy with horse riding and swordplay. Think Star Wars Jedi Knights battling with light sabres. I'm recommending this to anyone who loved Hunger Games, with the warning that there is a lot of violence and is a bit sexual/crude for tweens.

First, let me start out that I really loved the main character, Darrow. His character development from sheltered slave teen to twenty-something rebel was well done and believable. I also credit Brown with spanning the story over time. It's frustrating when these trilogies happen over a couple years and you are forced to believe the main character really grew and changed from oppressed to leader overnight. Darrow also does a lot of self reflection, demonstrating he is thinking through the ramifications of his actions, making him a more believable narrator.

What I think is the best part of this series is the deep relationships he forms across the colors, showing interest in their differences, and never doubting their similarities. That's the overall message here, I think. And it couldn't be more timely.

I highly recommend this series, but plan to read all three together to get the most benefit.